Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mashter of Ceremonies

So the MC is kind of a misnomer in my moniker as I really don't rap, just more or less remix and produce under this name. But I do mash, so I guess calling myself a mashter of ceremonies isn't too far off. Speaking of mash, I've got a whole bunch of new mashups posted on ccmixter. I've been doing alot of remixing lately, I guess just inspired by alot of the source I've been working with. Lots of different styles and genres keeps things interesting. So with that said, here we go......

Fly features vocals by Spinning Merkaba. He also provided the acoustic and clean electric guitar on this. I did the rest of the music. This one rocks hard.

Nada is a remix of "NadaNada" by SilviaO, a pop singer from Columbia. Vocals by SilviaO and music by me. Very well received on ccmixter.

Remained is a pretty straight forward remix of "Remain", a song by Grant Schindler. Only his original source tracks were used in this remix, which i really like.

Sex and Payola features a whole bunch ccmixter artists including ran dumb dots, dreamfilter, V.E.R.A., and nimmo.

Diplomacy features Clarance Boddyker rapping over some Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla, with some added strings by rjmarshall.

give them a listen and share if you like.

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