Sunday, June 18, 2006

2 new remixes today

I did 2 new remixes today that I think turned out pretty good. The first one was the latest Remixfight!, which I was originally going to sit out not because I didn't like the source material, but more a lack of time and energy. I threw something together in a couple hours this morning while I had my coffee. Some people like their sunday paper, I like my sunday morning remix. :)

Check out my take on Father Bingo's "Dry Lots and Red Ones", and check out the other fine remixes over on remixfight.

Dry Lots and Red Ones - Father Bingo remixed

I also threw together a remix of Spinning Merkaba's song "Elephant". I used mostly his original source tracks, with me doing the beats.

Mammoth - Spinning Merkaba remixed


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