Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Flurry of Activity

It's funny how inspired one becomes after having their ability to create music compromised by a broken pair of headphones. My old pair literally spent thousands of hours on top of my head, and they are by far the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned. So I bought another pair and went straight to work.

I've got another Jay-Z remix wrapped up for my zzmixter project. This one features 4nsic trading flow with Jay, backing mix by me. A public service announcement about what is hip hop.

I've also got a remix by Calendar Girl, whose stuff I'm just discovering to be very good. I'm a bit late on July, but I intend to try to work a couple more months in there at some point.

I also threw together a little mix called Taking My Place, which features vocals by Etherdust, beats by Pat Chilla, and cello and synth by rjmarshall, all featured artists from ccmixter.

Finally, I did a couple of mixes which feature Frank H. Carter III, a very talented vocalist from ccmixter. Check out both Magic and Crazy Love, with vocals by FHCIII and backing music by me.