Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Well, things are looking a bit grim on the remix horizon lately. I found out the Beastie Boys aren't going to be releasing their weekly acapellas to feed my acrapella jones, so that project may go on hiatus for awhile. 21 remixes is pretty good though, so i'm not complaining by any means, but i'll miss them. I've got at least one more i'm about half way done with, and there are still a couple that are released which I haven't done. It might be a good time for a beastie break though.

I also found out remixfight is going through a flux state server change thing, which might affect a couple remixes i've done lately so i'm just going to post them here and say happy new year and enjoy the latest remixes i've done. The first is by Mostly Harmless and is appropriately named "The Vishnu Recyle", which features the talents of a couple guys named Puce and Plat. The second remix is something I did as part of some bigger ongoing project which I think might still be happening, but I'm pretty clueless about this one. I know it's being organized by some guy named Aaron Ackerson. I'm not clueless at all about the mix I did for it, which I think turned out pretty good. The mix is called "10 Pounds of Love".

I also remixed a track by DJ Lang, which features a rap artist named J. Gomes. I just decided to name the remix after him as I admired his braggadacio and felt he earned it. You can check out "J. Gomes" below.

The Vishnu Recycle - Mostly Harmless remixed

10 Pounds of Love - MC Jack in the Box mix

J. Gomes - DJ Lang remixed

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Seasons Remixes

I liked the Ms. Vybe remix I did so much I did another. This time, I took a vocal track she did called "Runnin My Mouth" and turned it into "Could You Shut Your Mouth?"

I also added a new Beasties remix to the acrapella page. A little "Body Groovin" to put some bump in your holiday grind. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.