Sunday, April 02, 2006

Some New Remixes

I've got a bunch of new remixes I've done lately, that are also posted over on cc mixter. I figured I'd post them here too. Check them out, share them, enjoy.

First one features an a cappella vocal track from cc mixter artist Shagrugge:

Advertise the Subliminal (Shagrugge remixed)

Next is a Brad Sucks mashup with cc mixter artist Dr. Concoction doing the rap:

Gimme a Minute (Dr. Concoction vs. Brad Sucks mashup)

here's another remix I did for the Fort Minor remix contest:

Remember the Other Name (Fort Minor remixed)

Finally we have a remix of Colin Mutchler, another cc mixter contributor.

The Blue Ocean (Colin Mutchler remixed)

1 comment:

Brittanny said...

hiya, i need a remix! but, it needs to have a kind of R'N'B sound to it. Is there a remix on this site that fits my description? By the way, the remixes that i have listened to are great. thanks