Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Latest Stuff

I've been doing a fair amount of remixing lately, though I may take a break soon and try to concentrate on a couple of original music projects. Lots of variety lately too.

From ccmixter, I threw a mash up together of J. Lang with G'Wills and Nails being backed up by Chuck D. and the Fine Arts Militia. Check out Chuck Lang. Warning......"NSFW" :)

Coming up on remixfight, I threw together an Indian-themed dancey remix of Ajai's fine track called "Diljuba". You can here my remix here.

Making Love features the fine vocal stylings of Snowflake. The rest is mine.

Nothing Compares features Distorted Mastermind's unique flow with my backing mix.

Nights in Tokyo are Shallow features the spoken word of yamamiya with vocal drones by ztutz.

Bring the Music Back sees 4ensic square off against Clarance "dramatic pause" Boddyker.


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