Sunday, September 10, 2006

LonelyGirl15 and I

A recent article in USA Today, as well as the LA Times, confirms the recent phenomenon known as LonelyGirl15, a YouTube blogger that seems to have captured the fancy of a voyeuristic world. LonelyGirl15 puts together these shamelessly stupid videos, but she's so damn cute and endearing, with her big doe eyes, that you just think "oh, how cute..." instead of "oh, how stupid....".

Anyways, i'm sure you're wondering why i'm talking about this. It's because LonelyGirl15 somehow stumbled across my music and is using my remix of Grant Schindler's "Remained" in one of her dumb videos. I think they might have stumbled on it from ccmixter, as I think there are a couple other ccmixter mixes she uses in her videos. She's also apparently the number one downloaded video host on YouTube.

One of the articles mentions a possible CAA connection, so if anyone from CAA wants to contact me about future work opportunities, my email link is there on the right.

So here you go.....

Lonely Girl15 (and my remix) in Daniel the Neanderthal

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