Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot as Piss

the weather that is. I guess I could say the same about these remixes and mashups but that would be blowing my own horn so i'll leave it to for you, my faithful crew, to decide.

Ophelia features Marinella Mastrosimone's vocal track over my backing mix.

Double K features Ms. Vybe trading flow with Annie2K with a backing mix by prof. m.Stereo.

Not About Me is my first remix of nerdcore rapper Distorted Mastermind.

Bad Vibes features Ms. Vybe battling with Distorted Mastermind.

Eine Kleine Nacht Muzick features KCentric's fine vocal work over sunbyrn's fine backing mix.

Rock With Me features some amazing guitar and organ work by Tapsa layered in with an excellent track by patient X, with a nice little oboe track by Puie.

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