Saturday, October 29, 2005

Beasties on the Brain

Man, I've been doing alot of Beastie Boys remixes lately. I've decided to put them all together into a project I'm calling "Acrapella", which I guess will be an ongoing project dedicated to their remixes, and which I'm in the process of building a dedicated webpage for. I've already linked a few of the remixes here, and I've been posting others to the Beastie Boys website, so I might as well include a few more links to ones I've done recently.

3 Times the Trouble - MC Jack in the Box

It's Like Dat Y'all - MC Jack in the Box

United States of Mind - MC Jack in the Box

Alternative Lifestyles - MC Jack in the Box

I've also done a couple mashups using acapella Beastie Boys tracks. One featured another acapella track from DJ Lang featuring G. Wills. The other mashup is going to be featured in the next Remixfight for The Idiot Kings. I've linked them below as well.

Still Hustlin the Word - MC Jack in the Box

Third String Mashup - MC Jack in the Box

And I've got one more Beasties remix I'll post on Halloween. Enjoy.

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